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Start vscode from

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Start vscode from

It's not something new, but it's probably not known well enough: by surfing on any Github repository like f.i., you can just press . (the dot key) on your keyboard to start vscode online i.e. see the current repository in

Here is the blog in

Change the domain extension to

You can achieve the same result by updating the URL and modify the .com extension to .dev

But what's the point? Why would I need itโ€‹

Imagine you're not at home, on your own computer, and you want to change your repo?

But also that you're on a bus/train/plane and want to correct a typeface you've just seen.

You can still want to make a very small update like changing your file. It's really faster to do online than having to clone/update the project on your computer, make the change, add/commit/push it.

Using a smartphone

Just surf on your repo using your smartphone, nothing more than using a basic web browser, change the extension to .dev and bingo, you can start to edit your repo (or the one of someone else if you want to suggest a Pull request (aka a PR)).

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