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WinSCP - Retrieve a stored password

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WinSCP - Retrieve a stored password

More than once I've found myself in the situation where I've got a site saved in the WinSCP configuration where I've saved the password and, um, gosh, what was it?

Did you know WinSCP provide an option to show you, in plain text, a stored password?

To do this, just go to the Preferences menu then go to Logging and check Log passwords and other sensitive information.

Log password

Click on Ok and double-click on your site so you'll indeed make a connection.

Start a Windows Explorer and go to your %TEMP% directory. Sort on the last-modified date/time. You should retrieve a file having the same name as your session and having .log as file extension.

Don't forget to remove the file and uncheck the box

Please return to the preferences - Logging page and uncheck the box. You don't want this to happen every time.