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Running Quarto Markdown in Docker

ยท 10 min read
Markdown, WSL and Docker lover ~ PHP developer ~ Insatiable curious.

Running Quarto Markdown in Docker

Quarto is a tool for producing PDF, Word document, HTML web pages, ePub files, slideshows and many, many more output based on a Markdown file.

Using Quarto, you can render any markdown content to a new PDF f.i.

Quarto supports a very large number of features, to which are added extensions from its community, making it a really practical tool for anyone wishing to produce documentation.

Personally, I haven't used a Word-type word processor for several years; nor have I used PowerPoint since, I don't even know when the last time was.

And yet, I produce a great deal of documentation and slideshows. I write everything in markdown and generate pdf or slideshows from the same content.

Until recently, I'd been using pandoc but, having taken the time to look around Quarto, it's a hell of a lot more powerful.