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Getting the number of published posts

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Getting the number of published posts

Docusaurus didn't provide an easy way to retrieve the number of blog posts but there is well a trick.

There is an automatic page called archive like

On that page, all blog posts are displayed by year and months. With a document.querySelectorAll console instruction it's possible to make the count as suggested on

The archive page

Once the archive page has been displayed, press F12 to start the Developer console.

Click on the Console tab then, in the right bottom part, copy/paste the instruction below.

document.querySelectorAll("#__docusaurus_skipToContent_fallback > main > section > div > div > div > ul > li")

The first time, the console will notify you that you should allow pasting (in French autoriser le collage). Please type it.

Then copy/paste again.

The document.querySelectorAll instruction will retrieve every bullet i.e. the list of posts. You'll immediately see the number, in my case, as illustrated below, 51: