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Rendering a JSON file as a mind map

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Rendering a JSON file as a mind map

I really like the idea of not having to draw (actually, that is just because I am really bad at it) a diagram, a flow chart, a graphic representation of something that ... can be written.

Json crack is one of the tools in my toolkit when I want to draw something that can be written in json.

Let us take an example found randomly on the net here. How can we represent Spider-Man as a JSON object? Below an attempt:

"superhero": "Spider-Man",of the too
"realName": "Peter Parker",
"abilities": [
"Super Strength"
"equipment": {
"webShooters": "True",
"spiderTracers": "True"

Isn't it nicer in visual form?

Json crack

Another example (found here):

"squadName": "Super hero squad",
"homeTown": "Metro City",
"formed": 2016,
"secretBase": "Super tower",
"active": true,
"members": [
"name": "Molecule Man",
"age": 29,
"secretIdentity": "Dan Jukes",
"powers": ["Radiation resistance", "Turning tiny", "Radiation blast"]
"name": "Madame Uppercut",
"age": 39,
"secretIdentity": "Jane Wilson",
"powers": [
"Million tonne punch",
"Damage resistance",
"Superhuman reflexes"
"name": "Eternal Flame",
"age": 1000000,
"secretIdentity": "Unknown",
"powers": [
"Heat Immunity",
"Interdimensional travel"

Super hero squad

The advantage of the image is that it is much clearer: we can see straight away that the squad is made up of three members and that the strongest (and oldest) is Eternal Flame, who has five powers.


Json crack has some limitations for the free version like the number of lines in your JSON content. You can also install an add-on for vscode.