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Generating documentation for a PHP codebase

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Generating documentation for a PHP codebase

You've a PHP codebase and you wish hop, hop, two strokes of the teaspoon, generate a documentation site without any headaches.

Simple! phpDocumentor do it for you and since a Docker image exists; you can do this almost by running just one command.

Some preparation workโ€‹

Skip this step if you already have a PHP codebase somewhere on your disk

For the illustration, please start a Linux shell and run mkdir -p /tmp/wordpress && cd $_.

Then run curl -LOJ --silent --output wordpress to download WordPress v6.4.2. You'll get a file called on your disk.

Unzip it by running unzip && rm and now, you'll have a folder called wordpress-develop-6.4.2 so please jump in it cd wordpress-develop-6.4.2.

Run phpDocumentorโ€‹

phpDocumentor requires a configuration file. We'll create it.

Please create a new file called phpunit.xml with this content, in your project's directory:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<version number="3.0.0">
<source dsn=".">

The configuration job is already finished.

To create the phpDocumentation, simply run docker run -it --rm -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v .:/data phpdoc/phpdoc:3.

That command will scan the project's codebase (here, the folder src) and will create a new directory called .phpdoc where the documentation will be saved.

WSL2 - Windows

If you're running under WSL2, to get access to the documentation, just run powershell.exe .phpdoc/index.html file to start the documentation. Read the Starting the default associated Windows program on WSL or Open your Linux folder in Windows Explorer for more information.

The phpDocumentor website will looks like this:

WordPress 6.4.2 PHP documentation