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Autosuggestions in the console using ZSH

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Autosuggestions in the console using ZSH

ZSH supports plugin and one of the wonders is the zsh-autosuggestions one.

That one will suggests commands as you type based on your previous history and completions.

The more you use your Linux console, the more valuable this plugin will prove to be, as it will learn from you; it will know which commands you have already executed and will suggest them as soon as you start typing the first characters. Finish thinking "Gee, what were the parameters I used for ...".


Just clone the official repository like below:

git clone ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/zsh-autosuggestions

Then edit the ~/.zshrc file, search for plugins=( and add zsh-autosuggestions to the list. You'll have f.i. something like:


Close your console, open a new one and it's done.

How to use itโ€‹

Auto-suggestions will retrieve from the HISTORY the commands you've already used on your computer and will use them as suggestions.

Imagine you've already type, today, yesterday or weeks ago the docker compose up --detach command. Today, just by typing doc you'll get, in gray, the suggestion. Press TAB if it's fine for you and it's done.

You can also play with UP and DOWN to switch and use another commands that match with the keys (doc in my example). Auto-suggestions is using the HISTORY of Linux.

Autosuggestions plugin for ZSH

Official demoโ€‹