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ยท 6 min read

Running your own blog with Docusaurus and Docker

This is the second part of the Running Docusaurus with Docker

This article continues where Running Docusaurus with Docker left off. Make sure to read it first and to create required files first.

So you've created your own blog using Docker and Docusaurus. By following steps explained in the Running Docusaurus with Docker article, now, you've a blog with the list of articles stored on your machine; in a blog folder.

Let's go further.

ยท 6 min read

Running Docusaurus with Docker

As you know, this blog is powered by Docusaurus.

I'm writing blog posts in Markdown files (one post = one .md file) and Docusaurus will convert them into HTML pages.

In this first article, we're going to learn how to install Docusaurus... ouch, sorry, not install Docusaurus as we're going to use Docker to simplify our lives.