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ยท 7 min read

Using Docker network and the extra_hosts property

When you're running a Docker container on a different network than the standard one (called bridge) and you wish to run a second container that needs to access the first container, you need to run the second container on the same network.

Let's say, you're running a MySQL database on a network called my_network and you wish to be able start a second container like phpMyAdmin and get access to the database, then you need to use the --network CLI option when running the second container using docker run.

Now, imagine the first container is a web application and the second container should be able to access his web page and, too, reusing the same alias?

ยท 2 min read

Docker inspect - Retrieve network's information

The docker inspect command is used to retrieve detailed information about various Docker objects, including images, containers, volumes, networks, and nodes. It provides a comprehensive overview of the object's configuration, state, and other relevant details.

The returned information is a JSON representation of the object.

One use case is to be able to retrieve the name of the network used by a given container.