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ยท One min read

Laravel Filament

Filament is a collection of beautiful full-stack components. The perfect starting point for your next app. i.e. a set of free-to-use components and promises that we'll be able to quickly build nice administration interfaces.

The competitor of Filament is the official Laravel Nova which is a paid software.

Filament is built using the latest technologies: the TALL stack. This acronym sums up the technologies used: Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel and Livewire.

ยท 5 min read

Working with Laravel events

When I started developing for the Joomla CMS (that was 15 years ago, in 2009), one of the things I liked most was the notion of events.

For example An article is about to be posted, An article has been posted, A user has registered, ... i.e. actions that are announced by the CMS and to which you can react.

When An article is about to be displayed is generated, you can have one (or more) pieces of code interact with this event. You can add dynamic content, you can also deny the article to be displayed if certain conditions are not met.