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ยท 8 min read

Exterminate them all, kill spam using GitHub Actions

In previous articles, I explained how to fight against spam if you've a cpanel or PlanetHoster's N0C infrastructure.

What if we automated as many things as possible?

In the PlanetHoster's N0C infrastructure article , I showed that you need to write rules for RoundCube to identify sources of spam and remove them. These rules have to be created from the RoundCube interface and, well, ok, that's not optimized at all.

Let's look at how to do as little as possible and still be a hardcore spam fighter.

ยท 3 min read

The jq utility for Linux

jq is a powerful utility for Linux allowing manipulating JSON data from the command line and can be integrated into shell scripts.

Using jq you can beautify JSON output but also filter it like f.i. showing only a given node.