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· 24 min read

Create your Joomla website using Docker

In this article, we will learn how to use Docker to install Joomla on your localhost and start a new website in seconds (don't want to wait? Jump to the "Final docker-compose.yml" chapter).

I will use a Linux console (I'm running WSL on my Windows computer and I have chosen Ubuntu for my distribution) but since Docker can also be used on Windows, you can perfectly run, exactly, the same commands in an MS-DOS / Powershell console.

· 3 min read

Update php.ini when using a Docker image

This article aims to answer the following situation: I'm using a Docker image to run my website and I should modify the php.ini file; how do I do this?

A real-world example is: you've followed my article Create your Joomla website using Docker and everything is working fine. The website is running and you wish, using the Joomla administration web interface, upload a big file to your site. But, then, you get an error The selected file cannot be transferred because it is larger than the maximum upload size allowed.

Your PHP settings before changes

· 4 min read


Version updated on November 21, 2023 after a discussion with Alexandre about making his Docker image available on

Based on their documentation, FrankenPHP is 3.5 faster than PHP FPM.

It is still fairly young for use on production sites, but because it's so promising, it's certainly worth playing with when developing locally.

Alexandre Elisé has written a script to use FrankenPHP with Joomla. You can find the source here: