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· 2 min read

Github - How to find email addresses for most users

You'd like to get in touch with a GitHub user but, e.g., you don't want to post your question as an issue because, e.g., it's not about a specific repository but more generic.

As a result, the problem can be translated in How to find the email address linked to a GitHub account.

Recently, I had this need in order to contact someone with a Docusaurus blog offering a feature that I couldn't find documented on the web. His blog was not on GitHub but other repos well.

It isn't always possible to retrieve the associated email.

Indeed, GitHub provides a.o.t. an option to make the email private in his user settings page.

· 8 min read

Exterminate them all, kill spam using GitHub Actions

In previous articles, I explained how to fight against spam if you've a cpanel or PlanetHoster's N0C infrastructure.

What if we automated as many things as possible?

In the PlanetHoster's N0C infrastructure article , I showed that you need to write rules for RoundCube to identify sources of spam and remove them. These rules have to be created from the RoundCube interface and, well, ok, that's not optimized at all.

Let's look at how to do as little as possible and still be a hardcore spam fighter.

· 3 min read

GitHub - Use Actions to deploy this blog

The last two months, I was using a FTP automation script to deploy the blog on my FTP server.

This way of doing things worked fine but had several inherent problems, the most important of which was that I had to run the script manually (from my computer).

If I modified an article directly from the Github interface or from another computer (where WinSCP was not installed, for example), there was no deployment.

By using Github actions, this problem no longer exists. With each push, the blog will be updated.