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ยท 5 min read

MS Excel - How to call a SOAP webservice

Imagine you had to make a call to a SOAP web service in Excel? For example, to validate the VAT number you have been given before carrying out some processing.

You will call the URL that corresponds to the web service you want, but you will also need to pass a number of parameters in XML format so that the service knows what you want to do.

We'll learn, in this blog post, how to validate a European VAT number using the VIES VAT number validation SOAP web service.

The VBA code we will see in this article can be used as a skeleton for your future development.

ยท 10 min read

MS Office - How to create a ribbon in Excel

In this post, we'll learn how to create a ribbon (i.e. a toolbar) in Microsoft Excel.

We'll create our custom ribbon for an Excel file, save the ribbon in the file so our users will have a nice and intuitive interface to work with our worksheet.