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Joomla - delete tables from your database according to a certain prefix

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Joomla : delete tables from your database according to a certain prefix

A recent post on the Joomla French forum was asking for being able to delete tables present in the Joomla database; the ones using a given prefix like old_ or something like that.

Indeed, from time to time, it can be useful to take a look on the list of tables in your database and perhaps, you'll find tables prefixed with f.i. old_ or an old tool you've used years ago (using the correct prefix but with a component you've removed since like joomla_oldcomp).

Years ago, I've written such PHP utility, let's see how to use it.

  1. Click on the link to get a copy of my PHP utility,
  2. Copy/download the script and using your FTP client, upload the script to your Joomla site, in the same directory as your configuration.php file. Name the script like, f.i., delete_tables.php,
  3. Open your internet browser and go to the URL of your website and access to the delete_tables.php so f.i.
  4. You'll get a screen like below. In the text field, just start to type your prefix and you'll get a list of tables using that prefix. Once you're sure, just click on the Kill selected tables button.
  5. Finally, be sure to click on the Remove this script button since the script shouldn't stay there.

Kill tables

Make sure to click on Remove this script.
Make sure you know what you're doing and to have a database backup, just in case.